CATV stabilized Power Supplies

SAFECOM P.S is the highest efficiency power supply, specifically developed for the advanced operation of all Optical nodes & line amplifiers in CATV distribution systems. With more then double the lifetime of legacy Ferro-resonant products, delivering energy savings of at least 8% energy compared to standard systems, Its modular design enables optional upgrade such as phase changer, Surge protector 140KA or DC-AC inverter. That helps operators reduce network expenditure at capital as well as operational levels.




Compare  Ferro & Safecom technology

Outdate Ferro - resonant P.S
Power Efficiently
Average 85%  
Acoustical Noise
Extremely Noisy
No Noise
Working life
Less Than 7 Years

Design for life time operation

Voltage Shape
Quasi Square Sinus 
 Pure Sinus
Inrush Current 
Extremely High 
Soft start - No inrush current   

from 380VA,900VA,1080VA,1350,1800,2200 VA (Single & dual ports) 
Based on Zero Crossing PURE AC/AC stabilized sine wave technology. 
The Best option for central & remote powering.
Indoor & outdoor housing

Savings about 8-15 % energy compared to Ferro P.S
DOCSIS® & EuroDOCSIS Status Monitoring Embedded Transponder


Thanks to its patented zero crossing Voltage stabilizer technology, advanced electronic controller automatically monitors and compensates on-line for any changes to line voltage - eliminating negative Inrush current side effects resulting from utility power recovery. In addition, it operates in complete silence - solving noise and vibration problems inherent in existing products. This is increasingly important in highly populated areas where power supply devices are often mounted nearby the buildings. Safecom's P.S designed to work at a wide range of frequencies, temperatures and humidity without maintenance, at full power capacity  

T-former P.S ordering information.

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