DPS Unlimited backup power without batteries

Based on the placing the power management devices throughout the network; in the event of a power outage the DPSv5 draws alternative power from the distant available source over existing coax or power cables.                      

Utilizing a complementary Power booster device the DPSv5 ensures an optimal voltage level – even backup from a very long distance. In this way the power grid controller eliminates the need for the deployment and maintenance of expensive batteries & UPS . For simple installation DPSv5 can be installed instead of an existing Power Inserter.

Improved Network Reliability
DPSv5 ensures that there are no signal or data interruptions during utility power outages.
Unlimited Backup Time
DPSv5 offers unlimited backup time, as opposed to battery backup of up to 2-3 hours
Improved Disaster Recovery
DPSv5 helps operators minimize the number of generators needed to support the network by exploiting power from live areas or at-distance generators to outage areas
Fully weatherproof for enduring use
DPSv5's devices are completely unaffected by the weather, as opposed to batteries whose performance degrades greatly with temperature changes
Less Street Cabinet
A DPS system with less power insertion points that eliminates UPS and batteries also results in a network architecture with fewer street cabinets

Optional DOCSIS Transponder for monitoring Online Voltage & Current & status.

Easily integrated with any advanced network management system

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